About Us


Richmond-based Metalcore band, GraveBound was formed in early spring of 2019. Created from the ashes of the band Heard By Eyes, the newly re-branded GraveBound have reset their sights on the tense issues of today. With a passion for heavy music and a love for people, the quartet hopes to tackle socio-economic issues like depression and self doubt head on.

“We just want people to feel like it’s okay to be themselves... we want to provide a loving atmosphere wherever we play.”

    -Jarod Silvey

Influenced by industry titans such as Architects and Ice Nine Kills, the band delivers beautiful and unique melody lines, soaring choruses, and heavy breakdowns, while never sacrificing quality lyrical content.

Partnering with producer Andrew Baylis (Sylar, Picturesque, Conditions), GraveBound prepares to set out and stake their claim in the music scene in summer of 2019.


Vocals / Jarod Silvey

Vocals, Guitar / Kyle Richards

Guitar / James Lovato

Drums / Johnnie Martin